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How to set up an office in Bangalore with a minimum price?

Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, was once a retirement haven but is now tech giants and startups. It not only houses thousands of companies, but it has also produced a number of successful unicorns.

As a result, Bangalore has always been the first choice for young entrepreneurs looking to start a firm. However, not everyone is aware of the best real estate approach. This strategy is defined by a number of elements, including location, present team size and expansion goals, length of stay, services and amenities provided, leasing flexibility, and so on.

Finding the perfect type of office space that fits your budget can be difficult. New goods and services are constantly being developed by office suppliers. Today, we have managed office space, custom office space for startups, coworking space, and other forms of office space. Each of these options is appropriate for a company based on its team size, expansion rate, budget, flexibility, and other factors.

Having worked in commercial real estate for many years, several of the specialists at KalyaniAura Workspace recommend this method for setting up an office space at a low cost.

1. Identifying the right type of office space :

Providers of office space have been conceptualising new products and services in response to changing demands. Traditional office spaces were commonplace a few decades ago. Companies would be constrained by the floor plate size of the building in which they rented space. They would almost always take up more space than they need. 

Three of the most common coworking space in Bangalore solutions are:

1. Flexible Office Space

Startups prefer flexible office space, such as coworking spaces. Regus was the first in Belgium to come up with this concept in 1991. Only a few people could have predicted its commercial potential.

You’d be sharing space with other companies in a coworking space, so you’d be part of a community. You can strengthen your ties to the community and expand your circle of acquaintances. Rather than charging per unit area filled, coworking facilities typically charge per seat.

There are several coworking space providers in Bangalore such as KalyaniAura, WeWork, CoWrks, etc.

2. Managed Office Space

These are appropriate for medium-sized businesses with 50 to 200 employees. They necessitate more room than startups. They’d have to take up an entire floor at times. They would then relocate to a managed office facility.

When you move in, the seating arrangements, interiors, amenities, maintenance, and hospitality will all be ready to serve you. All you have to do now is plug in your gadgets and enjoy.

This makes managing your office space a breeze. Apart from your employment, you have nothing to be concerned about. There are several office providers, such as KalyaniAura, that offer managed office spaces that are well worth the money.

3. Traditional Office Space:

Traditional offices are still preferred by companies with large teams. These businesses have massive budgets and rapid expansion rates. They usually take up numerous levels in a business structure.

Given the size of the team and the rate at which they are growing, a traditional office may be more appropriate. However, everything changed for them when the epidemic struck. All of their investments in traditional offices have been for naught because the majority of their workers work from home.

They are now considering a scattered workspace policy in which they won’t have a single building accommodating entire employees. Instead, each team will have different spaces in different parts of a particular city.

2. Location

3. Office providers

Using office providers is the most cost-effective approach to set up and manage an office. They provide entire interiors, furniture, hospitality, maintenance, and amenities for their clients’ locations. All you have to do now is move in and get to work.

They not only save you money, but they also make the procedure easier for you. They offer a wide range of office spaces, including flexible, managed, and customs offices.

Bangalore is teeming with companies that rent office space for startups in bangalore. You could have a hard time deciding which option is ideal for you. 

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